COVID-19 Humanitarian Cargo Flight Services for China

COVID-19 Humanitarian Cargo Flight Services for China

Considering a humanitarian cargo flight into China to load medical supplies and personal protect equipment (PPE)? Universal can help.

We provide an end-to-end logistics solution to get your aircraft into China, load your supplies, get you out, and get you through the customs process of bringing supplies back to your country.

Flight plans and permissions

The COVID-19 regulatory environment is in continual flux. Our expert Trip Support Team will help you navigate the hurdles and secure the overflight and landing permissions you need to make your mission a go.

Trip coordination

We’ll handle all the necessary arrangements with handlers, embassies, authorities, cargo forwards, cargo suppliers, porters, and other entities required to support your mission.

On ground supervision

Our ground support team in China will ensure everything is ready in advance of your arrival and will supervise loading of your aircraft and all on-airport services required.

U.S. customs importation

For missions bringing supplies into the U.S., we’ll work with U.S. CBP and applicable custom brokers to help you with the formal entry and importation of goods process.

Let's discuss your mission.